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I'm Angela Wilkins and I'm the artist here at cotton Babies Nursery.The home of limited edition silicone and one of a kind ooak sculpted babies, reborn babies and limited edition vinyl kits.

You can visit my About Artist page to learn more about me and my About my Babies page to learn more about my dolls.

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                     Business/Nursery Hours                                            Monday-Friday 10-4 est                                               ( excluding Holidays)           


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A Sculptor took a piece of clay and molded perfectly the figure of a tiny little baby so beautiful to see

With ten tiny toes and fingers, the cutest little facial expressions, wrinkles and creases galore

Boy or Girl,smiling or sleeping,who could ask for anything more

polymer,cernit,prosculpt and silicone too,sculpting little faces,arms and legs of babies is a sculptors dream come true

by Angela Wilkins